Find the Best Value-For-Money Self-Storage Facilities in Surfers Paradise

When it comes to comparing the best value for money self-storage facilities in Surfers Paradise, it’s important to strike a balance between security and thriftiness. 

At Surfers Paradise Self Storage, we have built a strong reputation for offering lower prices than our competitors, while ensuring high levels of security.

Comparing options

When looking for the best value storage options, have a look at the facilities to get a feel for convenience of access. If you’re considering visiting the storage units quite frequently, make sure you ask the staff all the questions you have about this.

Check the floor space, while finding out what safeguards are in place to protect your precious possessions or corporate data, which can save both time and money in the long term. 

We value you

Something you will likely find when dealing with Surfers Paradise Self Storage is our team are always ready to help you when you need.

We do our best to make sure our customers experience is a positive one and are genuinely eager to help. This may mean helping you organise a trailer for a few hours, being prompt and courteous with everyone we deal with and making sure you can access your belongings 24/7. We’re always working with you to help you get the best storage solution available for your needs.

Location, location, location…

Another consideration is location. If you are local to Surfers Paradise and the surrounding suburbs, you will need to think about travel or removal times and costs to and from your chosen storage unit. It makes sense to choose somewhere central if you are living in the area. 

All our units are located on the ground floor, based just minutes out of the busy centre of Surfers Paradise, in an easy-to-access compound, saving you any hassles when coming and going.

We are proud to be a trusted go-to when people are looking for value for money for their self-storage facilities in Surfers Paradise. 

Give us a call on (07) 5631 8653 or send us a quick message, so we can provide a quick quote to suit your needs.

Want Cheap Storage Solutions on the Gold Coast?

If you are looking for the most economical storage solutions, look no further! Surfers Paradise Self Storage offers many options for the best cheap storage on the Gold Coast, while maintaining the continued security of your belongings.

Save on monthly fees

When you are paying ongoing amounts to store your goods, it adds up quickly. That is why finding a lower monthly rate can offer significant savings over the course of a few months or years. Saving money without compromising quality is smart, and we all know there are much more enjoyable ways to invest your spare cash.

While it makes sense to find the best value for money when it comes to your storage solutions, it also matters that your belongings are safe and sound. 

You can rest assured the team at Surfers Paradise Self Storage not only offers great prices, we have around-the-clock security. Our large range of storage units are used and trusted by many locals and nearby businesses for good reason, because we deliver in the areas that are important. 

Tips for further minimising your storage costs

As well finding the best cheap storage the Gold Coast provides, we also suggest planning ahead when it comes to using storage.

Once you have decided on an affordable facility to store your items, a great way to maximise your savings for storage is to choose the size of your space well and smart-pack your belongings. 

With larger items like vehicles, boats and machinery, it’s important to choose a space that is as compact as possible to save on fees for unused extra space. 

For furniture, boxes, creates and smaller items, using the space well can be almost as fun as a game of Tetris if you decide how best stack everything together. By putting the largest and heaviest items in first, you can build upwards on quite a small space, ensuring you are once again able to minimise costs.

Get in touch today to find out the fantastically low rates we can offer you. 

Why a Self-Accessed Storage Shed Is the Answer to Your Home Clutter Dreams

Have you noticed lately that every time you enter your garage or open a cupboard all you can see is stuff crammed into every available space?

If you’ve already done a good clean out and can’t bear to part with some of the excess, it’s either time to move into a bigger home or time to look at storage sheds.

Creating a little Zen in your life 

It can be stressful to live in a household, whereby items are jumbled all around you. If you have ever walked into someone’s house who has mastered the art of creating Zen in their home, you will notice how calming it feels to be able to feel the space around you. 

Instead of seeing too many objects piled into corners, benches covered in clutter, overflowing drawers or garages that it would be impossible to drive a car into, you see open spaces, which are welcoming, well used and organised. Such a nice feeling!

Are you a Collector who has run out of room?

Another time when it may be really useful to consider storage sheds is when you are a collector who plans to keep collecting, yet you’ve run out of room to do so.

We suggest choosing your favourite items to create a centrepiece, whether they are books, statues, tools, bikes or cars, then storing what you can neatly in other areas you have handy then putting the items you don’t often admire into storage. 

You can relax knowing that if you decide to store your excess with Surfers Paradise Self Storage then have a sudden urge to use something, you can pop in anytime. We are open 24 hours, every day of the week, which means you can treat our storage units as a home away from home, as well as enjoy the extra space freed up in your life. 

If it is overflowing or overwhelming, it’s probably time to reconsider

As much as we know you store items in your home because they are useful or meaningful to you, there comes a time when the idea of browsing some options for storage sheds may not be such a bad idea.

You may be surprised at how much more organised your home feels once you’ve conducted a thorough decluttering – you may even uncover more treasures during your cleanout.

Contact Surfers Paradise Self Storage on (07) 5631 8653 to enjoy a clearer vision, today!

Why Your Business Needs a Self-Storage Unit?

If you’re finding you can’t stack any more boxes above the printer, your business needs self-storage units on the Gold Coast to help you declutter. Many studies have shown that a cluttered space affects the mental wellbeing of staff. This is why it’s important to support the health of your employees and provide them with a space they feel they can breathe in. Healthy employees = happy employees!

Not everyone has space in the office for a mountain of business files, so storing them off-site in a safe place where they’ll be kept in good condition makes perfect sense. There’s no need to worry about not having access to your property, either. Surfers Paradise Self Storage units are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

There are many perks when you hire self-storage space for your business.

It’s the most affordable option.

Your business wants to create revenue, so rather than buying a bigger office, choose the affordable option and rent a self-storage space. You’ll have easy access to your valuable archives and equipment whenever it suits you, allowing room to expand in your current office, without worrying about overflow. 

It’s the safest option. 

As a business, the security and condition of your contents are of utmost importance, with sensitive information and data that requires full protection. Self-storage units are monitored by a manager that lives on-site, as well as 24/7 CCTV cameras to help further protect your goods. 

It’s the most dynamic option.

Not only does decluttering your office boost the wellbeing of your employees, your clients will feel the positive impact, as well. You no longer need to arrange to meet them at the coffee shop, as your office can become an inviting space to make agreements and discuss business. You’ll save time and money without all those extra cappuccinos.

Operating with 20-plus years’ experience, your choice for self-storage units on the Gold Coast is easy. Clear out the old in your business and make space for the new. Speak to a consultant at Surfers Paradise Self Storage and see how we can help your business. 

What is self-storage?

Need accommodation for your belongings? Self-storage is the best way to take care of any precious possessions you don’t have space for at home or at the office. If you’re an empty-nester downsizing and moving home, you may find there are items you can’t bear to part with. Unburden the weight of trying to figure out what to salvage and what to surrender by placing your belongings in safe and secure self-storage on the Gold Coast. 

If you’re a business owner, perhaps you need easy access to inventory from your office, but you don’t want to clutter the corporate floorplan. Self-storage solutions in Bundall provide the space you need, with 24/7 access to your files and furniture any time of the day or night. 

Do you need a self-storage solution?

When you have excess goods from your home or business, you can rent a container to secure them for a temporary period. These self-storage containers can be securely locked and are on a CCTV-equipped site, with containers that offer ample space and come in various sizes. 

Where can I find self-storage?

Surfers Paradise Self Storage offers ground-level self-storage containers in Bundall, which are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you have a few boxes or a truckload, the trained team members onsite can tailor storage spaces to fit your needs. 

For more than 20 years, Surfers Paradise Self Storage has been looking after items for customers who either can’t consider being apart from their belongings or who know they’ll need access to them in the future. With 24-hour security, including security cameras and an onsite caretaker, your goods are safe and sound.

If you’re travelling or relocating from your current home, storing items in a self-storage Gold Coast space is a great way to further safeguard your belongings until you have room for them or return from your extended travels.

Get your goods a babysitter. Contact one of the Surfers Paradise Self Storage consultants today to discuss tailoring a storage space for your requirements.