Why a Self-Accessed Storage Shed Is the Answer to Your Home Clutter Dreams

Have you noticed lately that every time you enter your garage or open a cupboard all you can see is stuff crammed into every available space?

If you’ve already done a good clean out and can’t bear to part with some of the excess, it’s either time to move into a bigger home or time to look at storage sheds.

Creating a little Zen in your life 

It can be stressful to live in a household, whereby items are jumbled all around you. If you have ever walked into someone’s house who has mastered the art of creating Zen in their home, you will notice how calming it feels to be able to feel the space around you. 

Instead of seeing too many objects piled into corners, benches covered in clutter, overflowing drawers or garages that it would be impossible to drive a car into, you see open spaces, which are welcoming, well used and organised. Such a nice feeling!

Are you a Collector who has run out of room?

Another time when it may be really useful to consider storage sheds is when you are a collector who plans to keep collecting, yet you’ve run out of room to do so.

We suggest choosing your favourite items to create a centrepiece, whether they are books, statues, tools, bikes or cars, then storing what you can neatly in other areas you have handy then putting the items you don’t often admire into storage. 

You can relax knowing that if you decide to store your excess with Surfers Paradise Self Storage then have a sudden urge to use something, you can pop in anytime. We are open 24 hours, every day of the week, which means you can treat our storage units as a home away from home, as well as enjoy the extra space freed up in your life. 

If it is overflowing or overwhelming, it’s probably time to reconsider

As much as we know you store items in your home because they are useful or meaningful to you, there comes a time when the idea of browsing some options for storage sheds may not be such a bad idea.

You may be surprised at how much more organised your home feels once you’ve conducted a thorough decluttering – you may even uncover more treasures during your cleanout.

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